Mobile World Congress 2019
Laying a Foundation for More Flexible 5G Networks

Meet us at MWC19 Barcelona, February 25-28.

Here at Lumina, we’ve been preaching the gospel of open-source, end-to-end network control for years. We believed that, as more service providers geared up for their 5G rollouts, they’d eventually reach the same conclusion: that 5G makes it essential to embrace a more standardized, unified control plane.

As 5G rollouts ramp up around the globe, we’ve been working closely with some of the service provider leaders pioneering the use of open-source software-defined networking (SDN). Companies like AT&T, Verizon, Telstra and many others are demanding more freedom and flexibility for their 5G networks, and they’ve brought us in to help make it happen.

Lumina was named to the “GSMA 100.” The GSMA 100 represents the world’s most promising new companies advancing the next generation of connectivity and digital services.

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