SD-Core Drives Network Convergence
Network Intent

Lumina’s SD-Core functions to reunify the divergence and stratification of network control capabilities  

As network technology struggles to keep pace with yearly increases in global data consumption, companies are desperately searching for a way to grow their business in a constrained capital environment while embarking on transformation programs to maintain pace with the speed of cloud.

New technologies and services need to be introduced faster and with customization, vendors need to meet market demands. The demands of 5G, MEC and IOT require a scale that can’t be met with traditional approaches.

What You Will Learn

  • Disrupting traditional core and edge router market in brownfield and greenfield deployments.
  • Core Offload - Offloading traffic from gold-plated core networks affords the ability to better align traffic types with the cost-of-carriage.
  • VNF Network Attachment
  • Brownfield Core Optimization
  • Network Slicing

SD-Core is part of a suite of products that helps your architects build the networks that produce the greatest results. The products are packaged around a software architecture that is extensible across the use cases covered today and into the future.

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